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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So Raise A Cup of Kindness

Happy New Years Eve to all of you -- sorry that I've been off the grid for the past few weeks, but the holidays did a number on my sanity.

To sum up -- we celebrated Christmas 4 times over 5 days,  with a 5th gathering coming up this weekend.  We all had the stomach flu, and the temps have been WELL below zero...

It was a wonderful Christmas, and although J didn't really "get it," he definitely understood lots of bright colors, crinkly wrapping paper, laughter and love, and time with lots of fun people.  Seeing the magic of Christmas through a childs eyes definitely renewed my love for the holiday -- as an adult, it feels like 'eh, why bother,' but the pics of him pulling wrapping paper off and smiling huge will keep my heart warm through the coldest of temps.

(Which is good, because it is currently -11).

The Hubs, the son and I are having a quiet NYE in... I'd love to blame that on motherhood, but really, we'd be here anyway... with some good food, mediocre TV, and lots of snuggles.

Happy new year. I am excited to see what 2014 has in store!

Off and running,

Friday, December 6, 2013

And The Winner Is...


Melissa, you commented anonymously, so I don't know who you are-- so email me or comment with your email address and I'll get in touch and get your info to the PR company.

FYI, here was my methodology:
I made a list (in order of commenting) of all the people who commented. If you commented twice, you appeared twice on the list. Then I went to www.randomresult.com, and entered in the range (1-11), and asked the computer to pick a number. The winner was the name that appeared next to the number that was drawn (10).

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weighing In

First off, don't forget to leave a comment on today's post if you want to be entered (or get one last entry) into the drawing for the Soy Protein gift pack!  I'll be doing the drawing tomorrow.

Second -- I managed to make it to Weight Watchers today (by the skin of my teeth), and was down 3.2 lbs -- I am not sure how I managed to pull that off the week after Thanksgiving, but I'm not asking any questions!


Yesterday after watching the weather report, I alerted my team that I'd be working from home today -- many inches of snow expected, on top of sleet = icy roads.  So after I dropped J at school at 7, I headed to Weight Watchers (it is a 7 AM meeting, but I figured better late than never!), and since it shares a parking lot with my gym, headed there next... for my third workout this week.  Holla! I put in a tough 40 minutes between elliptical and weights, and then headed out into the frozen tundra. Grocery store is right across the street, so I hit up some groceries for the next few days... then gassed up the car and headed home, where I proceeded to shovel the driveway -- all of this by 9 AM.

It is a good thing I did it all early, because the roads were TERRIBLE by the time I left the gas station -- I saw two accidents, two ambulances, and I skidded all over the place, despite driving slowly in a 4WD SUV.

So now I'm home and on conf calls for the day -- I made one of my favorite smoothies for breakfast (SO GOOD), have stuff for a big salad for lunch, and dinner is prepped (general tsos shrimp stir fry w/ broccoli, jasmine rice, pot stickers!)

I definitely see a massage in my near future - because I'm sore just from ONE shoveling session, and I think there will be more in my future!

Off and running,

Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date!

Hello people and happy belated Thanksgiving-sorry to neglect the ol' blog for the past few days, but life got crazy.

However, I realized that I never came back to post about the rest of those protein bars OR to allow you the last chance to enter to win the gift pack -- so here goes my succinct post to wrap things up, and I'll be back sometime this week with a winner.

First up, another NoGii bar by Elizabeth Hasselback (weird). This one wasn't my favorite-- it was kind of gummy fruity seedy, and just not my cup of tea.

The now bar-- was white chocolate, fruit and nut, and quite tasty.

I still have to say, however, that my favorite one Satori Eat Smart Bar - and I'll probably go buy some to have on hand for snacks and quick breakfasts.

So -- comment on this post by EOD Wednesday if you'd still like to be entered to win the gift pack - I'll do the computerized drawing on Thursday, and report the winner on Friday.

As for me...
I am pulling myself back on the wagon by my fingernails after a stressful Thanksgiving.  I didn't really go overboard with eating or drinking (in fact, I ate rather modestly and have only had 2 glasses of wine since Wednesday), but there was lots of racing around and definitely not enough exercising. I had a bit of a cold/ sinus thing going on, so I rather pathetically bailed out on the Turkey Trot I had signed up for on Thursday morning, which means I did not make good on my goal of running one race each month.  Oh well, I did two in September, so perhaps that balances out?

Yesterday I prepped dinners, packed 3 lunches and my gym bag, and managed to get in a workout after work -- I didn't hit the gym as planned, because I was anxious to avoid the snow and get home, but I walked in the door and got on the treadmill.  I'll call that a success!

Off and running,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Protein, Bar 2

I inhaled this bar in the middle of a "get the baby to daycare, get your act together and get on the road to work" frenzy, so I have no words of wisdom on this. Uh, it was good?  Not as good as the last bar, but still good.

It is called Elizabeth Hasselbeck's NO GII which I assume means she has branded this line of gluten free products. Hmm. NoGii is marketed as "gluten free solutions for the whole family."

All natural, gluten-free, HCFS-free, no transfats and about 17-20 grams of protein per bar. Not bad.

That's all I got.  I'm fried.

Two more bars to try this week!

Off and running,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Eat Smart

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Chicago this weekend, celebrating a friends wedding, and am happy to have returned well rested and non-hungover, which is NOT typical for any weekend in the Windy City, especially a celebratory one. But having a baby at home gives me a whole new and different appreciation for a hotel room where nobody is crying or wetting themselves (and if they do - not my problem).  So Saturday morning I caught a quick flight to Chicago, hopped the train to the city, and a cab to my hotel, where I met up with my friend Stacy (it was easier to go stag and leave the hubs and baby at home!)

And Saturday night, around 9:30 PM, we called it a night early and headed back to the hotel - after a BEAUTIFUL ceremony and reception, emotional vows and some fun dancing, but BEFORE things got crazy. Hallelujah to being old and boring!

Saturday morning, I grabbed the first of the four protein bars to sample-- there wasn't much food in the house, and I was in the midst of the morning juggle of taking care of J and packing and making sure I didn't forget anything.  One of them was chocolate, peanut butter, caramel crunch and I said "Yes please!"

This bar -- the Eat Smart Bar -- by iSatrori -- is DELICIOUS. I mean, I have eaten a lot of protein bars or energy bars in my day, and I think a lot of them taste like tar / taffy made out of sandpaper, but this was actually very tasty. 15 grams of protein and a good crunch.  Awesome.  It kept me full until I got to Chicago, and my friend and I had a little snack at the bar. I highly recommend.

At the link above, you can request a free bar to try, and if you comment on this post you'll be entered to win the gift pack from Coyne PR.

We walked a lot in Chicago, and eating was pretty okay (I had a HUGE breakfast yesterday, but then didn't eat again until I nuked a Lean Cuisine for dinner).  I'm glad to be home and getting back in the swing of things before Thanksgiving!

Off and running,

Friday, November 22, 2013

Soy Protein Sports Nutrition

A couple of weeks ago, the PR agency for Soy Protein Sports Nutrition contacted me, wondering if I was interested in doing a sponsored post about their products in exchange for some goodies for me-- and a gift pack for one reader!  Recently having jumped on the protein bandwagon, I thought "why not!" and thought it would be a good way to try out some different products. I haven't sampled anything yet, but I recieved the gift pack in the mail yesterday and was excited to open it up and find not only some treats, but also some gadget!  A pedometer, jump rope, and a weird fist clenching thingy, which is funny, because both times I've broken my wrist, I"ve used one of these thingies to build back some strength.

SO -- each day I'll try one of these bad boys, and write a little review.  SO -- if you comment on this post or one of the product review posts next week, I'll enter you in a drawing (one entry per day!), and pick a winner -- the PR agency will send the gift pack right to you (which is perfect, because that means I can't screw it up).

Here's a little bit about soy protein and why it is good for you:
  •  Soy protein is a high‐quality, plant‐based protein derived from soybeans 
  •  Soy protein preserves lean body mass, promotes fat loss, and boosts satiety during weight loss 
  • A blend of proteins – soy, whey and casein, prolongs muscle building after exercise and increases recovery compared to whey alone 
  • Soy protein promotes muscle growth and development 
  • Soy protein is equivalent to whey protein for building muscle when consumed as part of a resistance training program 
  • Soy protein has the ability to displace fat and sugar calories

You can read more about Eat-Smart bars, Now Energy bars, and Nogii Nutrition bars on their websites.

SO - leave me a comment telling me either your favorite quick breakfast or post-workout fuel, or your favorite easy dinner recipe, or SOMETHING helpful, and I'll enter you in the drawing!

Off and running,

*The products, information and two gift packs have been provided by DuPont Nutrition and Health.