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Friday, November 22, 2013

Soy Protein Sports Nutrition

A couple of weeks ago, the PR agency for Soy Protein Sports Nutrition contacted me, wondering if I was interested in doing a sponsored post about their products in exchange for some goodies for me-- and a gift pack for one reader!  Recently having jumped on the protein bandwagon, I thought "why not!" and thought it would be a good way to try out some different products. I haven't sampled anything yet, but I recieved the gift pack in the mail yesterday and was excited to open it up and find not only some treats, but also some gadget!  A pedometer, jump rope, and a weird fist clenching thingy, which is funny, because both times I've broken my wrist, I"ve used one of these thingies to build back some strength.

SO -- each day I'll try one of these bad boys, and write a little review.  SO -- if you comment on this post or one of the product review posts next week, I'll enter you in a drawing (one entry per day!), and pick a winner -- the PR agency will send the gift pack right to you (which is perfect, because that means I can't screw it up).

Here's a little bit about soy protein and why it is good for you:
  •  Soy protein is a high‐quality, plant‐based protein derived from soybeans 
  •  Soy protein preserves lean body mass, promotes fat loss, and boosts satiety during weight loss 
  • A blend of proteins – soy, whey and casein, prolongs muscle building after exercise and increases recovery compared to whey alone 
  • Soy protein promotes muscle growth and development 
  • Soy protein is equivalent to whey protein for building muscle when consumed as part of a resistance training program 
  • Soy protein has the ability to displace fat and sugar calories

You can read more about Eat-Smart bars, Now Energy bars, and Nogii Nutrition bars on their websites.

SO - leave me a comment telling me either your favorite quick breakfast or post-workout fuel, or your favorite easy dinner recipe, or SOMETHING helpful, and I'll enter you in the drawing!

Off and running,

*The products, information and two gift packs have been provided by DuPont Nutrition and Health.


    Emily Canady said...

    I have actually never tried soy protein, but have done whey protein all the time. I wonder what the difference really is? I do consume TONS of protein though. That is my number 1 go to after a workout. Protein, protein, protein. Shakes, pre-made shakes, let's be honest. I buy those premade ones cause I just don't cook. And of course in a pinch I grab nuts or peanut butter.

    I do try and drink some protein in the morning for breakfast or else I grab a greek yogurt as well often... I just don't have time to make anything, because I sleep to late which is really a stupid excuse right? I mean, its not like I have an adorable child that I am trying to take care of, which is a real excuse :)

    Have fun trying out your products. And i'd be interested in your review of how the soy stuff compares. I've always wondered. Awesome!

    Steph said...

    My favorite quick breakfast is an over easy egg with a piece of Ezekiel bread with a little butter or egg "muffins" made with eggs, spinach, salsa, cheese, and turkey bacon.

    I'm looking forward to your reviews. I have a protein powder that I like, but I think it is on the expensive side. Not sure how these products compare price-wise though.

    AnnekeMJS said...

    I make a generous batch of steel cut oatmeal when I have time, then freeze it in muffin tins. It's easy to grab, heat up when I get to work... adding banana or berries if I have them.