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Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date!

Hello people and happy belated Thanksgiving-sorry to neglect the ol' blog for the past few days, but life got crazy.

However, I realized that I never came back to post about the rest of those protein bars OR to allow you the last chance to enter to win the gift pack -- so here goes my succinct post to wrap things up, and I'll be back sometime this week with a winner.

First up, another NoGii bar by Elizabeth Hasselback (weird). This one wasn't my favorite-- it was kind of gummy fruity seedy, and just not my cup of tea.

The now bar-- was white chocolate, fruit and nut, and quite tasty.

I still have to say, however, that my favorite one Satori Eat Smart Bar - and I'll probably go buy some to have on hand for snacks and quick breakfasts.

So -- comment on this post by EOD Wednesday if you'd still like to be entered to win the gift pack - I'll do the computerized drawing on Thursday, and report the winner on Friday.

As for me...
I am pulling myself back on the wagon by my fingernails after a stressful Thanksgiving.  I didn't really go overboard with eating or drinking (in fact, I ate rather modestly and have only had 2 glasses of wine since Wednesday), but there was lots of racing around and definitely not enough exercising. I had a bit of a cold/ sinus thing going on, so I rather pathetically bailed out on the Turkey Trot I had signed up for on Thursday morning, which means I did not make good on my goal of running one race each month.  Oh well, I did two in September, so perhaps that balances out?

Yesterday I prepped dinners, packed 3 lunches and my gym bag, and managed to get in a workout after work -- I didn't hit the gym as planned, because I was anxious to avoid the snow and get home, but I walked in the door and got on the treadmill.  I'll call that a success!

Off and running,


Steph said...

Sorry to hear that the other bars weren't as good. How disappointing.

Good for you for not going overboard with food or drink. It's easy to do at the holidays. I managed to keep both sort of in control this year. Did much better with the alcohol vs the food.

I think 2 races in Sept balances out for missing Thursday's race. I think it's a great goal that you have - you should keep it up. :)

1step_at_a_time said...

Bummer that the bars weren't as good. I think you need to give yourself a break because you are definitely still on track- you are doing great!
Yep winter is officially here in MN, the drive home last night was horrible. I am not looking forward to the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

I am always looking to try a new protein bar! Congrats on keeping things in line on Thanksgiving, I did fine on the food but drank WAY too much red wine and paid for it with a killer migraine the next day. I am also not ready for the MN winters...You would think I would be used it it by now ;)