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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weighing In

First off, don't forget to leave a comment on today's post if you want to be entered (or get one last entry) into the drawing for the Soy Protein gift pack!  I'll be doing the drawing tomorrow.

Second -- I managed to make it to Weight Watchers today (by the skin of my teeth), and was down 3.2 lbs -- I am not sure how I managed to pull that off the week after Thanksgiving, but I'm not asking any questions!


Yesterday after watching the weather report, I alerted my team that I'd be working from home today -- many inches of snow expected, on top of sleet = icy roads.  So after I dropped J at school at 7, I headed to Weight Watchers (it is a 7 AM meeting, but I figured better late than never!), and since it shares a parking lot with my gym, headed there next... for my third workout this week.  Holla! I put in a tough 40 minutes between elliptical and weights, and then headed out into the frozen tundra. Grocery store is right across the street, so I hit up some groceries for the next few days... then gassed up the car and headed home, where I proceeded to shovel the driveway -- all of this by 9 AM.

It is a good thing I did it all early, because the roads were TERRIBLE by the time I left the gas station -- I saw two accidents, two ambulances, and I skidded all over the place, despite driving slowly in a 4WD SUV.

So now I'm home and on conf calls for the day -- I made one of my favorite smoothies for breakfast (SO GOOD), have stuff for a big salad for lunch, and dinner is prepped (general tsos shrimp stir fry w/ broccoli, jasmine rice, pot stickers!)

I definitely see a massage in my near future - because I'm sore just from ONE shoveling session, and I think there will be more in my future!

Off and running,


Sarah said...

Awesome loss! I'm so glad you are posting again. I've been out the loop for a while and been catching up on your blog. Congratulations on your little boy! He is too stinking cute! You seem to be doing a great job balancing your home and work life. Keep up the good work!:)

Unknown said...

Yay! Great job. It is really hard balancing being a mom, wife and employee AND making yourself a priority too. Keep up the good work!!

Janet said...

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